Robert A. Moreno

Promise Insurance Agency is owned and managed by California native and family man, Robert A. Moreno. Robert’s insurance career began decades ago at Robert Moreno Insurance Services, a California based Managing General Agent based in Orange County, CA. Over the years he has played a vital role in providing auto insurance for hundreds of thousands of drivers, home insurance for tens of thousands of families, and business insurance for thousands of entrepreneurs. His experience in the industry includes time as a wholesaler, a retailer, and time with a premier CA insurance carrier. This experience has helped him foster a broad and deep understanding of the insurance industry, as well as insurance coverage itself. It is his hope and goal to help as many individuals, families, and business owners fully understand the “what, how and why” of insurance.

“When someone purchases an insurance policy from Promise Insurance Agency, they will know what insurance coverage they bought, how it applies, and why they need it!”

Robert A. Moreno

Let us protect you from the ‘un’s!

Unbelievable – Unexpected – Unfortunate – Unimaginable - unthinkable