Commercial Property Insurance

Safeguard Your Property From Uncertainties With Promise Insurance Agency

Whether your building was purchased as an investment or to house your own operations, the idea or plan behind owning the building is? That’s right! The plan is to make money! So what happens to that plan when the unforgiving unexpected happens? Whether it’s an electrical fire or a wildfire, theft, or water damage your plans to make money can come grinding to a halt! Some would call this a dark day and Promise Insurance Agency is here to protect you from the darkest of days!

We can help to protect your building (owned or rented) as well as your personal property, exterior signage, furniture, tools and equipment you use to operate your business, and your inventory. And, just in case the darkest of days should befall your business and your operations slow or stop altogether, we’ve got you covered with business interruption insurance.

What Does Property (Building) Insurance Cover?

What Perils Does Property Insurance Cover?

Property Insurance covers a wide range of risks that can cause damage or loss to your building and its contents. Some of the typical risks covered under Property Insurance include:

  • Fire Damage: Coverage for damage caused by fire, lightning, and smoke
  • Theft: Coverage for loss or damage caused by burglary or theft
  • Vandalism: Coverage for damage caused by malicious acts such as graffiti or vandalism
  • Water Damage: Coverage for damage caused by water leaks
  • Accidental Damage: Coverage for damage caused accidentally, such as broken windows, walls, or doors
  • Business Interruption: Coverage for loss of income due to damage to the covered property

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At Promise Agency, we strive to provide our clients with the best insurance solutions for their specific needs. Our Property Insurance policies offer comprehensive coverage that protects your building, its contents, and your business against a wide range of risks. Contact us today to get started with exceptional customer service and to get assured that your property is adequately protected.